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Supermarket Manager

Supermarket Manager
Job description: SAS Group is seeking a female self-motivated and qualified Manager to maintain order, control internal processes and the staff performance in SAS Supermarkets.

Job responsibilities:
  • Lead and evaluate employees;
  • Set up a work schedule;
  • Solve customer and employee related problems;
  • Coordinate and manage all the operational issues in the store;
  • Ensure high quality service, implemented by employees;
  • Warrant staff awareness of security rules;
  • Guarantee the implementation of required tasks.
Required qualification:
  • Knowledge of Russian and English languages,
  • Knack for communicating with people from different backgrounds,
  • Flexibility and ability to manage different situations;
  • Capability to foresee and prevent conflicts,
  • Pleasant appearance.

Interested candidates are encouraged to submit a CV with photo to: career@sasgroup.am, mentioning "Supermarket Manager" in the subject line. Applications' privacy and confidentiality are guaranteed.

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