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ESOP and Other Benefits

SAS Group is one of the Armenian exclusive companies that in appreciation of its employees’ satisfaction and dedication to the work, adopted the ESOP system, which has been effectively practiced by several American and British companies for many years.

ESOP, as a plan of taking up the shares in the company, is the employees’ motivation and productiveness assessment system. The ESOP is called upon to encourage the employees, as well as to identify opportunities for their career growth, which, in turn, leads to the establishment of trust and loyalty to the company. Moreover, based on the principle of full convergence of the company and the employee interests, the ESOP final target is the employee.

For the employees of the company, the ESOP is of interest from the perspective of the acquisition of stocks and dividends and the rights of management in the company; as a result, the employees understand the opportunities and importance of their participation in the development of the company.

Based on the adopted personnel policy that cares about the dedicated to its concepts workforce, the company constantly encourages its committed staff by providing the following advantages:

  • Awards and bonuses,
  • Promotions and salary revisions
  • Trainings abroad
  • Trips to best foreign resorts
  • Regularly organized corporate events

Due to mutual soundness this great company is developing further, where every employee is a member of the family. Therefore, SAS Group is a team of hardworking professionals, which is proven by the continuous success of the company.