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Mission and Values

Successive to its motto - "Conquering Heights,” SAS Group follows the mission priorities:

  • Stand as a leading retailer company in Armenia and the entire South Caucasus; 
  • Ensure the highest quality, diversity and affordability of products and services, provided to customers;
  • Engage local and international partners and continuously enlarge the scope of the business;
  • Contribute to the economic and market relations development in Armenia;
  • Manage responsible business towards its employees and the society.


To reach its mission priorities SAS Group follows the values:


  • Ensuring high quality standards for all provided products and services;
  • Conducting effective and mutually beneficial collaboration with its partners with realistic perspectives for business development;
  • Supporting local producers and making certain the diversity and the affordability of importing goods;
  • Performing responsible attitude towards employees and creating sustainable development perspectives for the staff;
  • Performing responsible attitude towards the environment and the health of customers and boosting up the overall well-being of the society.