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SAS Group: Robust Competition in Every Sphere

03 July 2011 

The 3rd of July was unforgettable festive day for the SAS Group employees.  The cherished final game of the SAS Group football championship was taking place. The agitation at the MIKA stadium was no second to the centers of first-rate European football matches on that day. Everyone was elated; the countless fans, the trumpets and drums, the enthusiastic dances of cheerleader girls had contributed to the atmosphere.

Everything began on 30th April, when 24 teams with over 200 players, representing every department of SAS Group, in accordance with an established schedule, took the hard-edged effort to successfully overcome all games, leading to the final championship game. 

The teams met and competed, and the battle was gaining head day after day. Some teams dropped out, but none of them would feel beaten, since the main idea of the games was to introduction the concept of "a healthy lifestyle through healthy competition" into the lives of the employees, the hit of which was already to the fore. The lives of players and their fans from the SAS Group changed for certain: the championship brought in noticeable liveliness and inspiration.

The 3rd of July was long-waited day of the final match when, as a result of the very exciting game of the two strongest teams, the name of the winning team became finally known.   This main event was inspiring not only the teams, but also the fans and guests. 

The Royal and Gullivers were the participants of the final SAS Group football match. Both teams appeared in the finals as a result of the tense game and long training hours.

Right from the first whistle of the referee and to the end of playing time the game was extremely interesting. The team Royal showed amazing speed, which was perfectly matched by Gullivers. The ball did not stand still even for a second.

The score was broken by the Royal in the first half of the 5th minute, and a few seconds later the second goal went in the goal of the Gullivers. It seemed as though the Gullivers should surrender, but it was delusive impression. After a short time the Gullivers not only scored response goals, but also for some time went ahead.

The second half-time of the game was rich in goals, and by the end of the game speed won. The game ended with a score of 8:4 in favor of the Royal. The Royal won the SAS Group football match of 2011 and the Gullivers took the second place.

On the same day Colovita and Change competed for the 3rd and 4th places, and the game ended with a score 8:5 in favor of Colovita. The team Change took the 4th place.

The founders of the SAS Group made every effort to organize the games well.  The participants and all those present were particularly impressed and excited with the extraordinarily lawish ceremony of awarding the prizes. 

The teams that won prizes were welcomed and awarded the prizes with compliments by the co-founder of the company Mr. Artak Sargsyan. In his welcoming speech he noted that the main idea of the match was to cultivate a healthy lifestyle among the employees. Highly appreciating the enthusiasm of each employee in the common business of their company’s development, he emphasized that he was one of the the staff. The teams that took first to third places were awarded medals: gold, silver and bronze respectively.  Exciting fireworks followed the awarding of the Crystal Champion Cup  - as is customary after the reputable football championships.

And finally, the Grand Prix and the consolatory prize were awarded. The Royal team was awarded tickets for a 7 days tour to Antalya, the Gullivers will spend a week in picturesque Tsakhkadzor. The team Colovita will enjoy an unforgettable evening in one of the best restaurants in Yerevan.

The comments, impressions and the results were really remarkable. The first experience of organizing a football championship proved successfull. The founders of the SAS Group assure that the beginning of the tradition of football matches is already in place and will be continued.

The Champion Cup of the SAS Group just started its triumphant progress!

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