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30 June 2015 

What is the VIP STATUS ?

SAS GROUP is delighted to entitle you with a VIP status.

The VIP status includes a variety of luxurious services, as well as an individual service by your personal manager.


Who is the personal manager?

Personal manager is your individual service manager, who accompanies you during your entire shopping.

You can select your preferred personal manager.


What is the mission of personal manager ?

  • Provide you with a free parking
  • Meet you at the entrance
  • Accompany and consult you during the entire shopping
  • Organize a degustation for new and selected products
  • Provide you with an out of turn service at the checkout
  • Arrange the delivery of your purchase


Terms and conditions for using the service

  • Inform us about your visit beforehand by calling (+374 43) 53-88-88
  • Reserve your personal manager every day 9:00 am-1:00 am
  • Present your VIP Club Card each time you visit the store


To make inquiries about any issue related to SAS supermarkets, please call directly to your personal manager.

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