Our Strategy

From the very frist day of the company's foundation SAS Group's priority is the activity, which is socially responsible and brings overall benefits.

For this purpose the company has been holding many charitable programs in the areas of public health, education, environmental protection and other spheres within the last ten years.

With its activity SAS Group always promoted the health of its customers and employees, helped the disabled, orphans, poor families and the unemployed, provided support in solution of social problems to various vulnerable groups of the society.

The corporate responsibility package of SAS Group includes the following key areas:

  • Environmental protection
  • Health care of customers and employees
  • Ensuring future-oriented and safe workplace for employees.
  • Healthy lifestyle campaign
  • Support for education and culture

It should be noted that, basing on the requirement of corporate responsibility to hold the most comprehensive and various programs, in 2011 SAS Group set up a charity foundation as a separate direction of activity. The foundation holds the name of the company’s co-founder Artak Sargsyan. With the help of the foundation SAS Group plans to realize the future charity programs with a more systematic and strategic approach.