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Qualified and  professionally trained employees are the driving force and ground stones that helps the Company to overcome the encountering challenges, reassuring its leading position in the business operations.  

To reach the highest quality of business management and service, our employees are regularly participating in various training series, seminars, exhibitions, and other prestigious events both on a local basis and abroad. 

The thematic cover of the training series are thoroughly discussed and selected based on the target auditorium. The offered training courses cover essential topics, such as Corporate Ethics and Service Delivery, Merchandising, Customer Service, Conflict Management, Team Work, Priority and Time Management, Leadership etc.

Alongside, with the careful approach to the themes covered, we pay special attention to the methods and methodology used to reach the set goals. All modern non-formal educational tools, including simulation games, role plays, participatory strategic discussions and interactive sessions, are used by the professional team of trainees to ensure that we all are capable and skillful to reach the vision of the Company together.

David Bekirski, Brand Manager (February 2012, Montreal)

The study trip to the Head Office of Aldo in Canada, can be considered as a remarkable investment into deepening the mutual cooperation of the two business entities, as well as it was a chance for my personal developement.

The main aim of the trip was to order Fall-Winter 2012 collection of the Aldo brand and to participate in the professional trainigs for the Brand Managers. I was highly impressed by the spirit and devotion to the ''Respect, Love, Integration'' valued slogan, introduced by Mr. Bey.

I consider that the most successful achievement of this study trip is the love and passion gained toward this brand. Stay Gold!

Rosin Shanlyan, Product Manager (January 2012, London)

The trip to the UK for the trainings was a great surprise for me. It was a chance to discover the new values of River Island brand. Due to the trip I got answers to all my concerns regarding my professional activities.

I am thankful to SAS Group for such a chance, owing to which I became a real specialist in the field.

Norayr Hovhannisyan, Operational Director (October 2011)

The professional trainings organized in the UK were a great chance for me to have a better understanding of the existing best practices in the world of retail business.

I am sure that in the contemporary world the main driving force is the knowledge.

Following to its principles and values SAS Group is providing opportunities for its employees to gain and learn on a daily basis

Gagik Baghramyan, Area Manager (October 2011, London)

It is a wonderful country, which is known for its talants. Most importantly, I was given a chance to communicate and learn from real professionals and experienced people, well-known in their field.

Sarineh Der Haroutounian, Product Manager (May 2012, London)

I got given a once in a life time opportunity of visiting the beautiful countryside of the United Kingdom for the purpose of training to be a product manager at River Island, and becoming progressive professional in the vast developing field of retail.

This experience helped me broaden my horizons by giving me the opportunity to experience the British fashion culture, thus ensuring further development in my understanding for the retail world and enhancing my career path.